Malheur County Sheriff patrols as much of the county as possible.  If you have questions on these recreation sites please feel free to contact the Sheriff's Office.  We will try and give you the most acurate information possible. (541) 473-5125


Beulah Reservoir                           Malheur River

Bully Creek Reservoir                    Owyhee Lake

Dry Creek                                    Owyhee River

Leslie Gulch                                 Snake River

Malheur Reservoir                         Succor Creek


Bike Helmets

Kids under the age of 16 must wear a bicycle helmet by Oregon State Law.  Parents can go to the following website to see how to fit a helmet on your child. Teaching our children safety is not just up to teachers and law enforcement.  Parents are responsible to teach their children and make sure that they understand the rules.

Car Seats

Car seats are a MUST.  Here is a website on car seat safety.  If you need further assistance with installing your car seat please contact your local law enforcement agency and they will direct you to someone that can help.  This link will show you a calendar when the next person from ACTS will be in our area.

Safety around the house.  Kids here is a link to some fun things to work on when you're stuck in the house because of bad weather or grounded.

Teen resources

Malheur County Juvenile Department

Department of Human Services


Websites with general information about our county

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Bureau of Reclamation

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) 

Malheur County

Malheur County Circuit Court

Malheur County Justice Court

Malheur County's Most Wanted Website

Oregon State Police

Oregon State Sheriff's Association

US Citizenship and Immigration Services